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Pennant Race Update for Wednesday, Sept. 22, 1909

The Louisville Colonels take over first place with a sweep of their doubleheader against the St. Paul Saints.

At Louisville's Eclipse Park
Game 1
Louisville Colonels.....4
St. Paul Saints.....2
By the time the Saints scored their runs in the sixth, the Colonels already had three, tacking on an insurance run in the eighth to get the "W" for Hippo Vaughn, Elmer Steele the loser. Vaughn had a home run on his own behalf.

Game 2
Louisville Colonels.....8
St. Paul Saints.....4 (seven innings)
Louisville bats busted out in the first inning with six runs, deciding the game early as Frank Decanniere went the whole route in this abbreviated contest, Hank Gehring the loser. The Colonels take over first place from Milwaukee with wins 87 and 88.

At Toledo's Swayne Field
Game 1
Toledo Mud Hens.....6
Milwaukee Brewers.....2
The Hens score a pair in the first inning and go on to take the first game of a doubleheader, Hi West the winner, Paul Stowers the loser as the Brewers lose ground to the Colonels in the great pennant race of 1909.

Game 2
After six innings the came was called due to darkness with no runs being scored by either team.

At Neil Park in Columbus
Game 1
Columbus Senators.....4
Minneapolis Millers.....3
Sporting Life: "Columbus practically spoiled the pennant chances of Minneapolis by takng both games of the double-header. Shortstop Andy Oyler, of Minneapolis, was hit in the head by a pitched ball in the eigth inning of the first game and was taken to the hospital. He will be laid up for some time. The Minneapolis third baseman, Jimmy Collins, injured a shoulder sliding to second in the seventh, but kept at play until the tenth inning when hits by Clyde Goodwin and Larry Quinlan decided the game." Clyde Goodwin the winner, Irving Young the loser.

Game 2
Columbus Senators.....5
Minneapolis Millers.....4
Sporting News: At intervals in the second game, which Columbus won by a narrow margin, Umpire Hayes was busy having particiapants removed from the field. President Mike Cantillon and player Otis Clymer, of the Minneapolis Club, were banished. Outfielder Josh Clarke, of Columbus, was benched in the eighth. Quinlan and Congalton made hits in the seventh, giving Columbus the deciding run. Fred Link the winner, Lou Fiene the loser.

The second-division teams play spoiler in the race for the flag today, the Brewers and Millers being victimized and getting knocked down a few pegs in the standings. Here's how the standings look including games played today:

Louisville.....88-72..... .550
Milwaukee....88-73.... .547
Minneapolis...85-73.... .538

And that's your update for Wednesday, Sept. 22, 1909, as the race stays tight and the Colonels grab the top hundred years ago today! be continued.....

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