Saturday, October 31, 2009

Order Your 2010 American Association Collectible Wall Calendar

For the past five years I've offered my subscribers a chance to order a wall calendar featuring vintage American Association photos for each month. This year I'm expanding my range by offering the calendar to readers of my online services, namely this blog and the blog I maintain at

You are being hereby invited to order the 2010 edition of the American Association's Collectible Wall Calendar, so consider this your formal invitation!

The calendar, 11x17 in its finished format, is entirely designed, created, researched and produced by yours truly. I believe you will find this a handsome and unique addition to your wall space, one you'll enjoy using throughout the year. This year's calendar will be the most comprehensive and replete edition yet.

With gift-giving season approaching, now is the time to make those holiday plans. The uniqueness of this handcrafted item makes a suitable gift for the discriminating receiver in your circle of friends or family.

Boasting 12 exciting historical American Association photos, including stadiums, team photos, the story of this intriguing regional minor league will unfold before your eyes on a daily basis. It is highly unlikely you have ever seen even one of these photos in the past. One color photograph is included in the lineup for 2010, and each of the eight teams, including the Columbus Red Birds, the Indianapolis Indians, the Louisville Colonels, the Kansas City Blues, Milwaukee Brewers, Minneapolis Millers and Toledo Mud Hens is represented at least once. Each photo is chosen on the merits of its uniqueness in the photographic annals of baseball history.

The 2010 American Association Collectible Wall Calendar will make a useful and practical office adjunct, and is suitable as the ideal gift-giving option. Proceeds from the sales of the calendars help offset my research costs. As an independent researcher and writer, I am not paid by an entity of any kind, and in order to maintain my operations I must seek alternative funding methods, such as selling the calendars, as a way to offset my general costs.

The cost of this year's calendar is $20 including shipping. Multiple orders will require additional shipping, rate to be determined. Combine your orders with a subscription and save!

For those contemplating subscribing to the Almanac, you may purchase a calendar at 10% off for a single-year subscription ($18) or 15% off for two-year subscriptions ($36).

Order by December 1 to assure prompt holiday delivery. You will not be disappointed in this year's edition, with its plethora of fascinating facts, player birthdays, player death days, and your traditional calendaric information.

I strongly recommend placing your orders soon as I print these on a very limited basis.

And thanks again for your interest in the old American Association!