Monday, September 14, 2009

Pennant Race Summary of Week Ending September 11, 1909

There was little movement among the contenders in the American Association standings ending the week of Sept. 11, 1909. With three weeks to play, the record stood as follows:

Milwaukee Brewers.....85-63
Minneapolis Millers.....80-64....3 games back
Louisville Colonels.....75-69....8 games back

Playing all games at home, the Brewers won six, lost four. After losing a doubleheader to the Millers, Milwaukee took the remaining two games in the series ending Sept. 8. Their 7-1 win over St. Paul on Sept. 11 helped them maintain their lead over both the Millers and Colonels who suffered defeats.

After beating St. Paul to end their homestand Sept. 5, the Millers headed for Milwaukee and Kansas City. They won five, lost four during the week.

The Colonels won five games on the road, and finished the week with six wins, four losses. Losing both ends of a doubleheader Sept. 6 at Indianapolis, they bounced back to sweep the Indians in their Sept. 7 twin bill in a game featuring two shutout performances, the first a six-hitter by Hippo Vaughn, followed by Orville Selby's four-hitter.

Louisville was not going away, and the Millers were still hot on the heels of the Brewers. How would the remaining weeks play out? Daily updates will be recorded here for American Association followers to keep up with the developments as they took place one hundred years ago this week. Please see earlier blogs for the preceding daily scoreboard results in the American Association.

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