Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hal Janvrin Died 50 Years Ago Today

Today is also the 50th anniversary of the death of former Indianapolis Indian and Kansas City Blues' middle infielder, Harold Chandler Janvrin who passed away at the age of 69 at Boston, Massachusetts on March 1, 1962. According to Baseball Necrology, Janvrin was a World War I veteran who served in the U. S. Army. He is buried at Exeter Cemetery in Exeter, New Hampshire.

Hanvrin was 30 years of age when he first played in the American Association as a shortstop for the Indianapolis Indians in 1923. By that time he was a veteran of the game, having played for several seasons with his hometown Boston Red Sox. As a member of the Indians he put his expertise to good use, hitting .305 in nearly 400 at-bats.

As a member of the Kansas City Blues in 1924, Hanvrin was a second-baseman who appeared in 44 games, 39 as an active infielder. He had a respectable season with the glove but his bat was on the wane, posting a .234 batting average. It was his final season in pro ball, but he later coached for the Harvard baseball team.

Hanvrin was born at Haverhill, Mass. on August 27, 1892.

(Baseball Necrology reports his death was March 2, not March 1)

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