Monday, April 14, 2008

Contact the American Association Almanac

If you wish to contact the American Association Almanac for answers to questions or comments you might have, please email me at

There is no advertising accepted in the American Association Almanac.

To subscribe to the American Association Almanac, you have a few different options.

Option 1: Subscribe for one year. You get three issues, Spring, Summer and Fall. The cost is $18.00.

Option 2: Subscribe for two years. You get six issues. Cost is $32.00.

Option 3: Become a Lifetime Subscriber. Ten years guaranteed. Cost: $150.00.

Option 4: Become a Benefactor of the Almanac. Minimum donation: $200.00. Monies donated to the American Association Almanac are used to further the cause of researching the information used in this publication. Starting with the Spring issue of 2008, all benefactors will have their name published in each subsequent issue.

Back issues are available on a per unit basis or as a complete set. Please contact me for details.

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